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Forget April, it was a complete wash - literally.  It rained most of the month, which did not allow much work in the garden.  When it wasn't raining, we were able to plant some carrots and new pepper plants, as well as some broccoli.  Unfortunately, it seems that the aphids are quickly attacking the new plants.  This combined with the steady rainfall (over 3" for the month), I'm not sure if we won't be scrapping everything that's currently in the ground for new plants next month.  The only things that seem to be thriving are the lettuce and sugar snap peas.





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May 1, 2000

Omens and portents?  Weather is great today, about 74 and sunny.   We were away the last weekend, but our neighbor was kind enough to come over and finish plowing the large plot in the yard.  Hoping to do some serious planting this week.  Looks like we're going to have to purchase some of our plants, since I wasn't able to germinate the seeds as quickly as we had hoped.  It will be interesting to see how the two plants (ours and the store bought) compare in the end.  Am also hoping to use a solution of tobacco water sprayed on the plants to control the aphid problem.  Time will tell.



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May 6, 2000

Have finally begun to get into the serious business of planting and maintenance. Early growing plants such as the lettuce and sugar snap peas are beginning to come to fruition. Have begun planting other things in the new section , but have been hindered by birds eating the smaller plants. Gretchen contends that it is slugs eating the plants, but since I covered the seedlings with bird netting, the problem seems to have gone away. So far I have in two varieties of tomato(roma and big boy), three of pepper )sweet, hot, and bell), two summer squash, three cucumbers and three pole beans. I am expecting the carrots to come up any day now. In the new plot, we have some black beauty eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, and some more tomato, pepper and squash. I am hoping to get the corn in the ground by this Friday, as well as some of the other varieties of squash and eggplant that we have. 

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Ornamentally, the rose bushes are blooming like crazy. Also have some great purple irises as well as our pink begonias. Blackberries are blooming & I am looking forward to making some blueberry wine soon. Am also looking to make some dandelion wine as well! Weather has been beautiful, if a little warm for this time of year - temps the past week or so have soured into the high 80s. I am hopeful for a slight cool-off so that I don't lose the lettuce too soon.

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