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Seedlings.jpg (24432 bytes)February 15, 2000

Planted first seeds - Bell Peppers.  Require indoor growth for six to eight weeks before transplantation outside.  Used makeshift mini-greenhouses made from old kid applesauce cups and peat pellets.













February 23, 2000

Began germinating Tomatoes and Broccoli.  Was supposed to begin germinating Lettuce and Spinach as well, but have decided to sow directly into the soil instead.



bed_b.jpg (42862 bytes)March 2, 2000

Began preparing the soil.  Conditions are pretty bad, got only one shovel down before hitting almost solid clay.  Have been breaking up clay sub-layer and adding granulated calcium as well as organic compost to try to improve the soil's consistency.  Completed Bed 'A' but need to finish Bed 'B' this weekend to stay on schedule.


March 5, 2000

Planted lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas today.  Weather is still above normal, but is expected to cool next week.  Kids planted herbs in seed trays to be placed in the greenhouse.


March 12, 2000

Bought pansies for Ornamental garden today.  Weather is rainy & unable to work the site today.  Two weeks to go before we need Bed 'C'.  Our first loss - Something ate one of our bean plants.  Looks like we're gong to have to get the fence up soon!


Whole_Garden.jpg (45198 bytes)





March 13, 2000

Stayed home today because of illness.  Did get outside to build the garden fence, which looks great.  Also planted pansies and cleared out ivy from the patio.








bed_c.jpg (66178 bytes)March 15, 2000

Day off today - 69 degrees and sunny.  Spent a few hours digging Bed 'C' in the yard today.  Got about a 4'x4' section done.  Check out the clay!


March 18-19, 2000

Weather very poor.  We didn't think that it would get so cold & left our seedlings in the greenhouse overnight.  Lost two tomato plants and two pepper plants to the cold.  We have decided to purchase more mature plants to replace our losses.  Pulled everything else inside for duration of cold spell.  On Sunday, planted two watermelon, two cantaloupe, four cucumber, two tomato and two peppers inside.  One week to go to finish Bed 'C', hope the weather clears for next weekend.   We have also decided to dig a supplemental Bed 'D' for the overrun that we are having.  Originally, we planned to have three 4X10 beds, and measured for that, but have inconsistencies is dimensions that require more room.  Bed 'D' will give us that room and more for additional melons.


March 20-31, 2000

Weather has been up and down.  We have been having some warm days, as well as several days where we get 1 to 2 inches of rain.  The days are not warm enough to fully dry out the ground & we have not been able to work the new plot in two weeks.  Additionally, we have been having drainage problems with the current beds, since they are a bit lower than the rest of the yard.  This was something we had not thought out completely & we spent a few rainy nights digging trenches to try to drain the water away from the bed.  Unfortunately, the ground was already full of water & much of our lettuce spent a few days (at least) under water.  We'll have to see what happens as time goes on.  Hoping to turn over the last two beds in the next week or so, weather permitting.