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March 11, 2001


Began preparing the soil using our new 5HP Tiller.  Made short work of our first section, which is essentially an extended version of our 'experimental' section from last year.  Also added the first of our organic compost and some sand to this area.  We are planning on planting some lettuce, spinach and red onions next weekend, weather permitting.  This new space doubles our growing space and will allow us to create more space between plants.


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March 19, 2001


Day off today - sick family.  Did manage to get out over the weekend and plant the first seeds of the season - 1 row of Romaine Lettuce, 1 row of Varity Lettuce (Red Leaf, Salad Bowl and others), and 1 row of Spinach.  Today we put in two rows of Red Onions, we'll see how they do.  The only things left to put in are garlic and maybe some beans, if they can stand the colder weather.  I can't wait until the end of April so we can put the other stuff in the ground.


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April 14. 2001

Weather's been fairly good here.  Much better than the 3 inches or rain we got in April of 2000.  So, in a spirit of optimism, we are planting three rows of beans, Bush, Sugar Snap and String.  Can only hope that the weather maintains it's streak.  Lettuce, Spinach and Red Onions are coming up nicely.  Hoping to weed the beds as soon as the seedlings are large enough to distinguish from the weeds.   Will have more pictures soon.  Only three weeks till we till the main section of the garden and the season really takes off!



Rows of Lettuce in the Sun    

UPDATE - April 18-19, 2001

Well you knew Mother Nature would do something...A cold snap hit us and we were under a hard freeze warning for a few days.  Luckily, it seems as if we didn't lose anything.  Here's hoping that's the end of the Winter!               Onions.jpg (21270 bytes)




Red Onions Peeking Through Newspaper Mulch