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July/August Page Two

August 22, 2001

    Not much to talk about now, just gathering fruit and veggies left and right.  Seems we're a few weeks behind from last year's harvest due to the colder weather we had early in the season.  Figs have come in nicely & we should be getting pears shortly.  We've been having some problems with the pear tree, since it really is too young to produce this much fruit.  However, since it is producing we have had to prop up the branches to keep them from bending and breaking.  We are currently on track to harvest at least 30 pears.  We've also been harvesting quite a few tomatoes over the past few weeks.  On an average day, we can harvest upwards of 30 romas and 10 to 15 large eating tomatoes.  Those that haven't been eaten by us or our friends are getting ready to be canned for use later.  Funny - We're still eating last year's canned tomatoes!  Peppers, too are being picked and prepared for freezing.  Below you can see some of the "fruits" of our labor.


Giant Lope.jpg (45933 bytes)

Giant Lope2.jpg (75166 bytes)

Two Shots of our Large Melon with My Hand for Perspective

romas.jpg (52301 bytes)

Roma Tomatoes

mellon.jpg (50799 bytes)

A Watermelon



Big Corn.jpg (46524 bytes) Bunch of Corn.jpg (56732 bytes)

Fresh Corn - We ended up with about 36 Ears!


Many Tomatoes.jpg (111704 bytes)

An Example of One Day's Tomato Harvest (Photo by Stew).


August 22, 2001

A Banner Day for Tomatoes!  Went out to the garden today to pick some fresh ones & ended up with 106 Romas, 50 large Beefsteaks, 6 Squash and several Peppers.  Canned some of them the next day and got over a gallon of preserved tomatoes, after giving away bunches!