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Lessons Learned


The most important thing that we learned from last years crop was our ground was not suitable for double digging.  The ground is just too tightly compacted with clay & retains too much water.  The water retention also affected our ability to grow root veggies as well as those plants that like sandy soil. We also learned that we need to allow more room for squash to combat leaf mold, and less room for the corn to assist in pollination.  Growing from seed was also too difficult.  We found our greenhouse to get either too hot or too cold.


2001 Growing season


During our planning, we determined that we needed more room, so we will till a larger area for planting this year.  In addition, we will till a large section of the yard that will not grow veggies so that we may re-grade the land to assist in water drainage. Additionally, we will be adding a good amount of our own compost, as well as some store bought organic to the soil to assist in conditioning.  We think that we will also add some gypsum and some sand to some areas to see if that helps us to grow cucumbers and beans.  We will not use the greenhouse - it has lost a roof panel this winter & the building is generally deteriorating.  It may come down  this spring.  New plants this year will include more varieties of lettuce as well as garlic and onions.  We are also hoping to try winter squash and a cover crop of wheat over the winter.