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July/August Page Two


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Garden Plot 'A' - Early July

July 1-5, 2001

Weather is beautiful here.  After a few days of extremely hot and humid days, things have settled down a bit.   Just pulled the last of the sugar snap peas out of the ground and put them on the compost pile, as well as getting the last of the Romaine lettuce out of the ground.  Tomatoes are growing & we hope to have some ripe in the next week or so.  Ditto for peppers of all kinds.  We seem to be running about a week or two later than this time last year - primarily due to the extended spring we enjoyed this year.  Found a little cantaloupe growing yesterday & am hoping to find a watermelon or squash hiding somewhere soon.  Cucumbers are beginning to grow - slowly.  Will add some pictures soon - things have been very hectic as I am trying to keep the site current while transferring all the old information from our old site.  More to come!


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July 9, 2001

Finally, some new pictures on the site!  These were taken with my brother and sister-in-law's camera - Thanks, Rich and Amy!  Things are still growing.  However, we are becoming concerned that nothing is really maturing.   We get a little squash & then it wilts away to nothing.  Tomatoes are on the plant, but won't ripen.  Gretchen thinks that it is a combination of the weather (very cool and wet for this time of year) and the fertility of the soil.  I'm trying to stay upbeat, but it's hard when there are no fresh veggies!  Corn (left) just started to silk & we have been hand-pollinating them to ensure good growth of ears.   Check back next week to see if we actually get anything to eat.

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Update - July 12, 2001

A Quick update to mention that we have gotten our first cucumbers yesterday, three in fact.  Corn is still looking good & some of the squash may be ready in the next day or so.  Now if we could only get some tomatoes...



View of the Tomatoes Growing

Update - July 13, 2001

Another quick update to mention that we have harvested several more cucumbers and a few squash!  Also will be getting some peppers, one cantaloupe, and...yes...some ripe tomatoes!  We have also just noticed that we have at least three more cantaloupe growing - so it looks to be a better year for melons this year.

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Closeup of Some Early Girl Tomatoes


Some Ripening Banana Peppers



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One of our Two Cantaloupes

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At Least The Pears Appear to be Thriving


July 25, 2001

Things could not be going better in the garden.  As usual, when we came back from vacation, we were surprised on how much the garden had grown in only a week.  We came home to move than 9 squash, several cucumbers and a few peppers.  Tomatoes are still green, but all look like they're going to ripen any minute now.  Sunflowers have grown HUGE.  In fact, we have been wondering if they're shading some of our plants too much.  Time will tell.

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Garden Plot 'A' - Late July

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A Baby Eggplant

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Gretchen and Sunflower

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Many Green Peppers

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One Hot Pepper

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Mature Corn