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Garden Plan 2002


This year we will be trying something different.  In previous years, our garden was very efficient, but stark.  Functional, but not pretty.  This year we will be including some ornamental touches to the garden to make it more welcoming.  Initially, this will include a secluded sitting area where visitors can sit and reflect without being seen.  We're looking to create a haven where we can go to escape from the stresses of the day and read, relax, whatever without being bothered by our urban surroundings.


As far as actual growing is concerned, we will be growing the usual suspects, with the addition of some berries along the property line and some soybeans in the garden.  We have a winter cover crop growing now & are excited to see how this works with the soil and our production of vegetables.


Addendum:  May 2002


Well, we were never able to find a good source of soybeans, so that will have to wait a season.  We decided that everyone in the house was going to pick a new veggie to plant.  So far, we have (new), cabbage, brussel sprouts, pumpkin.  We still have a bunch of stuff to buy and put in.  The second plot is not ready yet, but will be shortly.