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July 21, 2002

Just got back from vacation.  This can only mean one thing - the garden is completely overrun!  In past years, we have returned to a jungle, but never so much as this year.  Since we have been letting many of the veggies go "natural" this year, they have completely taken over most of the garden.  Forget trying to get into the rows to plow, or even to weed, it is just too overgrown.  On the plus side, we are getting tomatoes, squash, peppers, and canteloupe all the time now.  We have contracted a nasty case of downy mildew on our cuccumbers, and I don't think that they'll recover.  Oh well!  Here are a few pictures


The July Jungle/Garden

Fran with some Canteloupe

Corn's lookin' Good!

Some of the Many Peppers.



August 5, 2002

Had a wicked storm last Thursday, knocked over a bunch of our corn as well as several of the tomato cages.  We were lucky - the Krispy Kreme down the street had their giant neon sign come crashing down on a car in the same storm.  Since we're going to be out of town for more than 10 days at the end of this month, we thought it made sense to start our canning early this year.  So, this weekend we cranked up the air conditioning and harvested.  It was 110 outside, but inside by the stove it felt like a frigid 90.  In addition to the veggies, we also got a fair number of figs to dehydrate and several mellons.  We've done well with Cantaloupe this year - some of them are as large as 8 pounds.  We did get quite a bit done, and we learned some stuff in the process.  We hope to do more later this week.  Here are some pictures:

Gretchen notices the storm damage - Oh, my goodness!

Gunther shows off one of our 7 pound mellons.

A Picture of Some of the Harvest

Peppers, Squash, and Cuccumbers

Posing with the Brussel Sprouts

Five Pounds of Sprouts

Some of the 12 Ears of Corn we Picked. Tasty!

Jars of Sauce, and Romas for the Winter.

Sunday's (8/11) Haul.


August 11, 2002 - Harvested a bunch of tomatoes today as well as over 4 pounds of figs.  Finished the Corn today.  Ended up with a few dozen ears, but not as good as we would have hoped.  We have the real "Darwin" Garden happening, we haven't weeded in weeks - we simply haven't had the time.  Canned a bunch of sauce Sunday & hope to do some more this week.