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Trying Something New This Year - Only Thumbnails.  Click on a Picture to See The Larger Version.

Getting Ready to Finish Bed 'B' if I can Get In To Till Once More.  Bed 'A' Complete.

Well, All Except Our Signature Rock from Marvella.  Nestled amoungst the Lettuce!

The Completed Bed 'A'

Sugar Snap Peas and Eggplant

Romaine Lettuce and Cabbage

Workin' The Land.

A Closeup of Figs

A Tiffany Rose

Our New Rosebush, "Honor"


Perfect, Just Perfect.

Planted Peppers and Tomatoes


May 16, 2002

Grace saw our first firefly last night.  Poor little guy was so lonely, lighting up, looking for love.  He didn't know that he was early.  We have discussed the fact that I can now tell when the soil is ready to plant.  Most books say that you shouldn't over-till, but I know how the ground should look.  Not enough tilling and it is brown and in large clumps.  When the soil is truly ready, it is finer, almost pea sized granules and is dry.  Strange how I have become a farmer.  Almost  everything's in now, just need to get some Roma tomatoes.  Check out the excellent pictures that Stew took of our bench/reflection area.

More Roses - About 14!

The Yellow St. Patrick's Roses



May 28, 2002

Corn is poking up from the ground now.  Would take a picture, but really, you wouldn't get the idea anyway.  It looks like a hair club for men special - just not grown in yet :).  Two tomatoes on the Early Girl plants and several Summer Squash coming in.  Got some good rain yesterday & am hoping that this will start the good growing cycle.  On Wednesday, I'm going to run through with the tiller to take care of some of the weeds that are growing in several of the beds.  I'm also looking to plant the sunflowers at this time.