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May/June Page Two

June 2, 2002

Some pictures of the cabbage and summer squash for ya.  Also did very well with the garlic that we planted in the fall - got about 12 good-sized bulbs.  Things are really developing quickly since we've had a few 90+ degree days.  Dry, but otherwise good.  Gretchen mentioned that this is the fewest tomato plants we have ever grown (8).  Well, we forgot one important thing.  When we were sitting on the reflection bench last night, we noticed that we must have about 12 or more volunteers that must have come from the compost bin.  This is what happened to us last year and we ended up with 14 or more tomato plants.  So...I guess we may have bought too many plants this year!  We are really enjoying the new bench in the evenings - the breeze is good and the candles are the perfect illumination for sitting with your sweety and...reflecting.  Can't wait for the corn to grow in and block the view that our neighbor has!  Also planted some sunflowers in the border to add additional cover.


A Giant Head of Cabbage

Early Girl Tomato

Gunther's Cayanne Peppers

Digging Garlic

Digging More Garlic - I Have To Remember To Put Sunscreen On My Head!

Gretchen's Turn With Garlic

Not Exactly Dressed for Gardening...

But Beautiful Just The Same.

Gretchen Shows Henry What She Has, and Henry Shows Gretchen What He Found.

Gretchen Shows Off Her Handiwork - Very Nice, Huh?

Some Romaine - I Know You've Seen It Before, But WOW!

We Have Enough Lettuce for Anyone

Just Come On By...

This Week (First of June), We Should be Getting Some Summer Squash.

June 9, 2002

This didn't happen today, but I was just thinking of it.  Was tilling the weeds the other day in my bare feet.  The soil, when it is properly conditioned, doesn't feel like soil at all to me.  When it gets wet, it feels like dirt and mud, all slimy.  When it drys it is chunky and crumbly.  When I'm tilling it, though, it feels like some kind of fabric, velour maybe.  Soft and powdery, enveloping like snow, but not at the same time.  It gets between your toes like sand but is not gritty, just really nice.  Weird!  Oh, and squash will be ready this week.


June 24, 2002

Squash coming in heavily now.  Getting three of four a day.  Cucumbers are coming in as well, which is interesting because we weren't going to plant them this year at all.  They've never done well in our soil, so maybe the organic approach we've been taking is working.  Peppers (Banana and Green) will be coming in by the end of the week.  In totally unrelated news, we went walking the other evening to an area along the side of the road where we knew raspberries were growing wild.  While we picked the few berries that were ready, we noticed that there were wild beans growing as well - Wild Beans!  Did some kid throw their beans out the window while they were going down the street?  Weird.  Our beans are not doing too well, we hope to get a few before the heat really turns on in the next few weeks.  Here are a few more pictures of what's going on right now:

Bed 'A' As of Late June

Bed 'B' Late June

Our Finished Cabbage

Some Cantelopes Growing Here

Butternut Squash Lookin' Good

Large Roma Tomato Plants



June 28-30, 2002

Last entry for this month.  Overall, it has been a great June - probably one of the best growing months we have had here.  Just the right amount of super-heat, rain and some cooler, sunny days to spur on the growth of the garden.  Made Pickles tonight. We’ve never had so many cucumbers since we started the garden. In truth, we weren’t going to plant the cucumbers this year – we’ve never gotten more than two or three. But Henry picked cucumbers as his garden vegetable and this year, so we bought some.  So far, we have gotten well over a dozen. Amazing!  The kids gave me my postponed Father's day this weekend.  They each made a stepping stone for the garden and each one reflects their personality perfectly.  It is a wonderful gift, as are they.

This is the cabbage that didn't get nibbled.

The Kids and their Stepping Stones


The Stones, Placed in the Garden

Gretchen Shows Off The Rasberries We Picked from Across the Street