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Garden Plan 2003


Each year I seem to get more excited when planning the garden in Decmeber than in years past.  Also each year, Gretchen and I discuss what kinds of plants we are going to grow and where they will be located in the garden.  This year, we decided to start most of our plants from seed, which allowed us the flexibility of ordering the specific types of veggies we wanted rather than getting whatever the local garden store decided to stock for that season.  It also required that we start ordering in January and planting seeds in February.  With luck, we will have thriving plants ready to go in the ground the first week of May.  I'll add our drawings for the garden soon.  For now, here's what we're planting now:

6 Black Beauty Eggplant

2 Sugar Baby Watermelon

6 Bush Beans

6 Sugar Snap Peas

3 Burpless Cucumbers

5 Stonehead Cabbage

3 Cantaloupe

4 Brussel Sprouts

20 White Sugar Corn


Here's a few pictures of the seedlings.  The more I think about it, the more I think I may have planted a bit too early!