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April 26, 2003

Well, managed to finally put some things in the ground. I feel like it's late in the season to get things in the ground, but I've been burned before by late frost.  Still though, been itching to get in the garden since Easter.  So, with two good days of weather in a row, we went out, plowed, spread the compost and manure (PU!), plowed again and put in a bunch of stuff.  So far, we have cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and red onions. 

We also have the lettuce which was planted about a week earlier and is just starting to come up.  A big disappointment so far have been the beans, which we started inside & transplanted out only to have them killed by a late snowstorm.  We then planted some new seeds outside, but they have yet to sprout.  That will be two years in a row with no beans, which just stinks.  Trying to keep a positive outlook - will get the remainder of the veggies in the ground in the next few days & will then begin this year's big experiment:  Mulching with leaves!