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May 3, 2003 - Finally went out to the store today.  Bought some tomatoes and peppers, as well as some cantaloupe.  Ended up getting some watermelon and cucumbers to replace the ones that died in the garden earlier.  Don't know why the seeds didn't take, but hope that this isn't a sign of how things are going to be in the garden this year.  On a more hopeful note, I noticed that the bush beans have started to come up, which we weren't expecting at this late date.  Spent the early afternoon on the final plowing and putting the garden bench and stones in place.  If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will get the plants in the ground.

May 12, 2003 - Will get some pictures on the site soon.  A quick planting story.  MVP of planting this year goes out to Fran, who braved some wet weather and darkness to get the plants in the ground before we went away for a vacation.  We've been having some terribly stormy weather, but the rain has been good for the garden.  When we arrived home from vacation, we were pleasantly surprised to see how much everything had grown.  The lettuce is really getting up there & so are some of the peppers and tomatoes.  In looking at last year's section, Grace and I noticed that we had actually started earlier than last year, which explains why some things didn't do as well as I thought they should.  The gardening bug hit us (me) early this year - I still felt that I got in the garden too late :)

Three Weeks Until Garlic Fest in the Backyard!

June 2, 2003 - Weather is finally getting a bit better, we got about 8 inches of rain during the month of May!  That severely impacted the garden.  The cucumbers are looking a bit droopy from too much water and many of the other plants just aren't growing because there hasn't been enough sun.  Even the garlic, which should be done by now, is in a holding pattern.  A few days of hot sun will cure all of that & allow me to get in there to do some much needed weeding (why is it that the weeds thrived in the super-wet weather?)  Here are some pictures:

Plot 'A'

Plot 'B'

The Corn is Trying To Grow

The German Queen Tomato - It Seems To Like The Rain


Lettuce is doing well, but is underwater!

The Roses are Fading From Too Much Water

One Perfect Yellow Rose


June 13, 2003 - Still raining just about every day here.  Haven't been in the garden much at all.  Things are quite waterlogged at this point & some of my farmer friends and I are thinking that this year's crop may not come in unless it gets dry and hot soon.


August 28, 2003 - No updates to the Site in a long time because it was just too depressing.  The rain has stopped most things from growing.  Garlic was killed, no Spinach, no Summer Squash, no Watermelon.  It has gotten warmer and sunnier lately, so we may get a late run of Tomatoes and perhaps the odd Cantaloupe or two.  At this point, anything is better than nothing.  Here are a few pictures of some things that did do well - Figs (which have just started coming in) and some Butternut Squash which grew right out of the compost bin!