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Our Garden Space

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Latest Information:

Planning for 2003 Completed.  Some Seeds Planted.  Bring on the Warm Weather!



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"Gardening is the handiest excuse for being a philosopher.  Nobody guesses, nobody accuses, nobody knows, but there you are, Plato in the peonies, Socrates force-growing his own hemlock.   A man toting a sack of blood manure across his lawn is kin to Atlas letting the world spin easy on his shoulder."

Ray Bradbury - Dandelion Wine


This section primarily details our experiments with organic gardening.  When we first bought our house it was pretty obvious that one of the previous owners was very into gardening.  We had a greenhouse, although it was under great disrepair.  There was also a large garden plot and planters all around the house borders.  For the time being, we have limited ourselves to repairing the greenhouse temporarily and using only about 1/3 of the garden plot, as well as clearing the garbage from the planters.

The first thing that we had to decide was how to grow.  Considering that our daughter is allergic to chemicals and that we are vegetarians who try to help the Earth, we concluded that the only way to go would be organic.  With that solved, it was a matter of deciding what to grow and how. 

Our first major stumbling block was the natural stream we have which runs underground right through our yard.  So our soil tends to be very heavy.  We also discovered that if you dig down one shovel length into the ground you run right into a layer of Virginia clay so hard that it bent my hoe when I was working the soil.  We ended up adding granular calcium to the soil instead of limestone, because we were concerned with changing the pH of the soil.  We also have been adding organic compost to the soil.  We are hopeful that these two items, along with the addition of our own compost will help the consistency of the ground.  Check back and read our garden diary to see how things go.  Also, if you're a visitor to this site and you have a tip for the garden, drop me a line.

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                    Blooming Bushes                                                         One Perfect Rose


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                       Tulips in The Border                                         Gazanias


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